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A Dog Named Dillan

By Amy Lewis

SAVING LIVES - That is what the SPCA of Niagara strives to achieve every day! Little Dillan is only one of many success stories. Dillan’s date of good fortune was February 13, 2013 after members of the SPCA were notified of a puppy in distress. It was reported that “Dillan” appeared grossly underweight for his age (four months at the time). SPCA dispatchers notified Niagara Falls PD, and the police immediately went to the reported scene. During the investigation, the owners admitted they could not afford dog food and had been feeding the dog raw pasta and baby formula. The owners, agreeing to do the right thing for this puppy, willfully turned Dillan over to the SPCA.

Upon arrival at the shelter, Dillan was examined and administered the proper vaccinations to protect him against shelter borne diseases that could complicate his rehabilitation. The poor little guy weighed in at a mere 9 pounds; 15-20 pounds less than he should weigh at his age.

Dillan didn't even make it into a kennel before he was scooped up by the Niagara County SPCA's director Amy Lewis, who recognized the seriousness of this little puppy’s predicament. Ms. Lewis lovingly took Dillan under her wing to ensure his progress and monitor his journey to good health. Initially, Dillan lost a pound in his first 3 days of care under the watchful eye of foster mom and SPCA Veterinary Technicians and then had another setback when he regurgitated everything that was fed to him. His tiny body was not used to dog food and rejected it at first.

Recently, Dillan was diagnosed with acid reflux. Thus, his food has to be tailored to him in a way that will not upset his condition. He is on a special low fat and low protein diet which allows him to digest his food, but also slows down the rate at which he gains weight. He is currently up to 15.5 lbs. In all other aspects, young Dillan is enjoying a good life as a normal puppy. He is playfully silly, loves attention and responds with honest gratitude and tail wagging kisses and affection. Undoubtedly, Dillan has won the hearts of his foster family and gained a permanent spot in the household!

Dillan's tale is a true “rags to riches” story; from barely surviving and quite possibly dying a slow and agonizing death of starvation to being spoiled with round the clock attention and good, holistic food for his growing body. Dillan continues to gain weight at a slow pace which is typical for animals who have received less than adequate nourishment during their formative months.

Sadly, Dillan’s story is not unique. There are many “Dillans” who need our intervention and immediate assistance. Too often, unwanted pets left to fend for themselves, dumped, starved, left to die or killed. It’s a serious epidemic in Niagara County and all across the country and these innocent victims bear the brunt of the desperation, greed or need of their owners. It’s not always intentional, but it’s always unfair. These creatures deserve to be fed, and nurtured, and loved and safe. The SPCA of Niagara is diligently working to save all animals who end up in dire straits like Dillan, but cannot effectively win the war without the help and involvement of the community. If all people who love animals ban together in unity, one by one, we can make a difference to so many, like Dillan, who undoubtedly deserve a fair shake! Reach out your paw to them! Come out and meet Dillan - he will wag his tail, run to you and lick you silly - because he is grateful, a

nd that’s why we do what we do!

The SPCA of Niagara needs your help - regularly!!!

Until there are enough of us - there will be too many who will suffer and die never knowing the love and comfort Dillan now enjoys. Please don't let this happen!


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Apr16, 2013