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NFR's Anthony Bergamo leads first-class law enforcement foundation

FLEF to honor Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan
FLEF Chairman Anthony Bergamo 
FLEF will honor Tommy Lasorda

The Federal Law Enforcement Foundation and its founder and chairman., Anthony Bergamo, the chief executive officer of Niagara Falls Redevelopment., certainly deserve recognition for their outstanding contributions and financial assistance to law enforcement agencies and their families over the last 25 years.

Bergamo describes the foundation's mission is to provide a safety net for the members of law enforcement and their families. Since its inception in 1988., they have raised more than $15 million and funded more than 2,500 requests and more than 1,500 scholarships.

Whenever they receive a request for assistance, the request must be verified by the head of the agency and the grant must have the approval of two board members besides the chairman.

Fox News chairman Roger Ailes stated, "During these perilous times of terrorism, violent crime and the constant need for excellent security, the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation has been a noble ally to the nation's Police Departments in dealing with these critical issues. You have improved the American way of life and are one of the most important civic and charitable foundations in New York and in our nation.-" The Foundation also sponsors a continuing education luncheon program featuring high profile speakers from government and the private sector with over 200 in attendance at each event.

The Foundation was originally conceived and formed in 1988 by Mr. Bergamo to provide financial support to the families of FBI agents killed in the line of duty. In this day and age, the Foundation has evolved as it now has a much broader reach, providing economic assistance to all Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and also to those suffering from a serious illness or recovering from a natural disaster. It is active in more than 200 communities and 14 foreign countries.

The Law Enforcement Foundation will hold its annual luncheon on Friday, Nov. 16, at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City, celebrating its 25th year of service to America.

The honored guests will include Cardinal Timothy Michael Dolan, Archbishop of New York; General Joseph Dunford, Assistant Commandant of the U. S. Marine Corps; Cyrus Vance, Dr., District Attorney of New York County, and Tommy Lasorda, member of the Baseball Hall of Fame and Vice President of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Foundation's past guests and board members reads like a Who's Who in America.

Some of the past honorees are former President Bill Clinton, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger., General Colin Powell., Admiral William McRavenj New York State Governors Pataki, Spitzer and Patterson to mention a few.

Secretary Henry Kissinger recognized the organization remarking "I am deeply grateful as well for this opportunity to express my personal appreciation to the men and women in law enforcement who are on duty day and night., not only protecting us from crime and terrorism but working in their local communities to safeguard and aid their fellow citizens."

The present board members are Tiki Barber., John Catsimatidis, Charles Cohen, Jamie Coulter, Donald Drapkin, David Levinson, Charles Merinoff, Ronald Perelman, Howard Rubenstein, Samuel Sax, Sheldon Solow, Paul Steelman and Zane Tankel. The advisory board consists of former members of law enforcement include Kevin Donovan, Patrick Kelleher, Lewis Rice, Dr., Chip Smith and John Varrone.

New York-based financier, developer, and noted philanthropist Howard Milstein, the owner of Niagara Falls Redevelopment, and Emigrant Savings Bank is a major supporter of law enforcement and the Foundation. Mr. Milstein underwrote the expense of creating the only 9/11 memorial in midtown by building a permanent memorial in front of the bank's headquarters at 6 East 43rd Street. The "Fallen Fireman" is a 12 foot high bronze statue cast in Parma, Italy which serves as a tribute and reminder of all who perished in the terrorist attack on America on "9/11."

As a result of Mr. Milstein's philanthropy, unlike many other law enforcement charities which often deliver less than 50 percent of the money raised to those in need, the Foundation is able to return 99 percent of the money it collects to the people who are truly in need.

"This outstanding board is the backbone of the foundation" said Anthony proudly. "Each member must raise or give at least $40,000 each without benefit". "This is the most caring, giving, and charitable group I ever have had the privilege to be associated with. It is my pleasure to work with them" said the chairman.

In accepting his 2011 National Service Award, Admiral William McRaven said "We in the Special Operations Community understand the sense of service and sacrifice demonstrated by our Nation's Law Enforcement Community. Support organizations such as yours give confidence to those courageous professionals protecting our citizens and our way of life."

In addition to serving as chairman of the Law Enforcement Foundation and as CEO of Niagara Falls Redevelopment, Bergamo is also Vice Chairman of MB Real Estate, a full service commercial real estate firm based in Manhattan. He also serves as the Audit Chairman for two publicly traded companies, Dime Bancorp, a $4 billion savings bank listed on NASDAQ and Steel Partners Holdings, LP listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Steel is the parent of numerous companies with revenues in excess of $1.5 billion.

Bergamo has long history of pro bono service in New York. He is a member of The Judicial Screening Committee for the First Department and The State of New York Mortgage Agency where he serves as he Audit Chairman. He previously served on the Commission for Sentencing Reform for New York State and on the board of OTB-NYC. His outstanding service as an Independent Fiduciary for the Federal District Courts, Southern District on a major union corruption case for six years has been meritoriously noted in the court records.

In the meantime, until that next someone comes along, you can rest assured that Anthony and his fellow board members will quietly continue to raise money, fund grants and scholarships and be there for every member of law enforcement and their families. Quietly helping to keep America strong and safe.

You can find out more about the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation and its various charitable efforts at www.federallawenforementfoundation.com.

The sterling board consists of Tiki Barber; John Catsimatidis; Charles S. Cohen; Jamie Coulter; Donald G. Drapkin; David W. Levinson; Charles Merinoff; Ronald O. Perelman; Robert A. Rosen; Howard J. Rubenstein; Sheldon H. Solow; Paul C. Steelman and Zane Tankel.



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