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The Right Side

By J Gary DiLaura

Right after 9/11, I sent articles to local papers and to Congress pointing out that we only have two courses of action to take regarding the 9/11 attackers on our country. They are due process, and the Articles of War. An example I used is the 12-7-41 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. I wrote that the Japanese pilots shot down and captured were taken into custody before war was declared and, technically, should have been treated as criminals and not prisoners of war as there was no war declared and no other way to detain them, under our Rule of Law.

This was before the Patriot Act as well. The Patriot Act fell well short of what was needed and Congress, as usual, fell far short of doing their job. Once Congress realized who attacked us on 9/11, they should have declared war! That would have solved a lot of problems for everybody, especially our Politically Correct left! Who should Congress have declared war with, you ask? The people who declared war on us and killed more Americans than the Japanese did at Pearl Harbor… Islamist terrorists!

Here we are, 16 years after 3,000 innocent American civilians were murdered by Islamists, and Congress still is playing Politically Correct war! It is not correct to declare war on Islam… the left says… because they are not all “bad”… they say. Well, not all Japanese were bad either, nor were all Germans bad…. only the Nazis. But Congress declared war on them all!

Granted, in 2001, we did not know immediately who attacked us, but it was very soon nailed down… Islamists! As we learned who they were, we found that of the 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, estimates of “only” between 150 and 300 million want to kill us and “only” a few nations have declared war with us: Iran, the ISIS Caliphate, and maybe Sudan, Libya, Syria … maybe a few more! So why didn’t Congress declare war with Islamists? Well, I believe it’s because the liberal left didn’t want to hurt the feelings of those “good” Muslims who are here, in America, (maybe lose some votes)  and the Muslims like Saudi Arabia who are our friends… or are they? Didn’t 16 of the 19 attackers on 9/11, come from Saudi Arabia? I guess we’re supposed to overlook that!

For the uninformed, who just don’t get it, when you hear, “Not all Muslims are bad”… just ask what is the “good” ones’ Book of Faith? When you get no answer… ask if it’s the Koran and when you hear “Yes”, just read the damn thing and you’ll see what these people believe in and you’ll find it isn’t the separation of Church and State nor freedom of religion. They believe in one religion and state, and it’s Islam. If you don’t agree, they can kill you, according to the Koran, and that is what they are doing!

Why do you think they are killing Americans regularly by any means possible?

How to stop it? The same way Japan did… don’t allow any Muslims into the country! To become a US Citizen, a Muslim must take an oath that they denounce and abjure all previous loyalties and swear loyalty to the US and our Constitution. Then Congress allows a freaking US Congressman, Keith Ellison, D-Minn, (what a surprise) to take the oath of office on a freaking Koran… when will the geniuses in Congress learn they have to start reading stuff before they sign off on it? The book he was sworn in on decries the separation of Church and State, and your Constitution, morons!

Let’s ban guns, rental trucks, bombs in shoes, box cutters, fire bombs, IEDs… I have a better idea, let’s stop Democrats from voting, starting with Schumer!

My idea and I’m sticking to it!

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