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Political observations and inconvenient insights with Shecky Sherman

Good grief, just when you thought you’d seen everything the abusive New York State could do to Niagara Falls, the state comes along and does what? They say they’re planning to SHUT OFF the damn water flowing over the American falls!

And right on cue – as the city fathers play the role of abused spouse to the state’s role of brutish abuser – the city’s political leaders and tourism professionals say “Good, go right ahead, shut our water off, we can’t wait for you to dry up the most famous waterfall in the world!”

Are you kidding me? Hey New York State, while you’re at it why don’t you demolish my home, shoot my dog and change all the presets on my radio. I’d ask you to raise my taxes too but it’s impossible to jack ’em any higher.

The state cutting the water off and telling the city it’s good for them is like an abusive husband giving their wife a big black eye and telling them it color coordinates with their new red dress.

The waterfall with no water will be a TOURISM BONANZA. Uh huh. A waterless waterfall is good for business. The waterless falls could start a modern tourism and travel trend. Next thing we’ll see is New York City without Broadway, Paris without the lights and Disney world without the rides and that silly Mouse.

Should we be surprised that the state that gave us the Parkway and high electric costs and the state that forced Indian gaming on us and the state that occupies our Reservation Park the way Russia occupied East Germany is once again flipping us the middle digit? No surprise. It’s par for the course.

And, par for the course is the way the area’s fawning political “leaders” are accepting the dewatering plan. In fact they’re greeting the grim news with all the twisted glee of a fat bottomed salesman suffering the whip of his favorite dominatrix at the company convention.

In the final analysis the dewatering scam makes a sort of sick sense. After all, this Dyster administration has turned poverty into economic development by merely saying it’s so. The administration has spent $100 million in casino funds and – with a straight face – cries poverty as it plans to raise taxes. It’s turned the endless “revitalization” loop of Third Street into a shameless government subsidized enterprise where the taxpayers foot the bill for favored businesses. And so it only makes sense that in DT (Dyster Time) the dewatering of the world’s most famous waterfall should be seen as good and desirable and as a veritable tourism “BONANZA.”

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