THE ACTION: Niagara Falls Water Board Performs Emergency Repairs on Forest Avenue


Residents living on Forest Avenue between 22nd and 27th Street experienced some loss of water pressure earlier today as crews from the water board performed emergency repairs on a water main that was damaged by a private company digging in the area.


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  1. The outside maintenance crews for the NFWB does not get enough credit. Buy industrial standards they are underpaid and it does not matter what day it is, what time it is, or whatever the conditions are, they are there. Just like the police department, the fire department, or any emergency response crew but what people do not know, there are only a half dozen guys in this group of workers, unlike most emergency response crews, and they get paid a lot less. PLUS, they are not on stand by or sitting around waiting for calls. When something happens, a call goes to their home, they drop everything and go.

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