December 23, 2015 Staff 0

During my tenure as a press consultant for purported cult leader, Keith Raniere, and his benefactors, Clare and Sara Bronfman (heiresses of the Seagram’s liquor fortune), I was tasked with improving Raniere’s public image and that of his company, NXIVM.

Officially, NXIVM conducts “human potential and ethics” seminars in Albany, Mexico City, Los Angeles and elsewhere. However, several mental health experts have critiqued its trainings, comparing the methodology to “thought reform,” commonly called “brainwashing.”

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December 17, 2015 Staff 0

It’s worth noting that well before I was hired as a consultant at NXIVM in 2007, the two Seagram heiresses, Clare and Sarah Bronfman lost a staggering amount of money.

In 2002, after joining the “self-help” company NXIVM, which critics call a cult, the Bronfman sisters became enamored with NXIVM founder, Keith Raniere, and his top assistant, Nancy Salzman, president of NXIVM.

They expressed their infatuation as one might expect heiresses would: They gave him money.

It began modestly and gradually increased. The sisters donated $250,000 to advance Raniere’s ideals. Out of that $250,000, Raniere got a gift of a $40,000 piano.

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Keith Raniere, leader of the Cult of NXIVM, has a stunning, philosophical epiphany.


December 10, 2015 Staff 0

Thanks to the recommendation of my friend, G. Steven Pigeon, and following an interview in Albany, I began work for the self-help group NXIVM (pronounced Nexium).

NXIVM is a New York for-profit corporation, headed by the self-proclaimed spiritually advanced genius and teacher Keith Raniere and his chief assistant, Nancy Salzman, a nurse-hypnotist.

When I arrived, I knew little of NXIVM other than Keith Raniere was reputed to have one of the highest IQ’s in the world – a 1988 test reportedly placed his IQ at between 188 and 194; that his organization was funded by two heirs of the Seagram’s liquor fortune, Clare and Sara Bronfman, both in their early 30’s; and that the company was being widely labeled as a “cult” in the media.

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December 3, 2015 Staff 0

Keith Raniere, self-proclaimed smartest man in the world and spiritually evolved guru


lived and worked with NXIVM for several months as their round-the-clock consultant, staying in their properties and communicating closely day and night with their top officials. That included leaders Keith Raniere, hypnotist and president of the organiztion, Nancy Salzman, and the wealthy Seagram heiresses, Clare and Sara Bronfman who fund the operation.

At first I thought they were a much persecuted but kindly group of people who were being attacked for having a different belief system. I later came to believe they were operating a criminal enterprise.

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November 26, 2015 Staff 0

This newspaper will continue to do it and encourage the Feds to join in

This is another installment of a series where I am a journalist covering my own federal indictment on 19 criminal counts.

Last week I wrote about cult leader Keith Raniere and the two women who fund and empower him – Seagram heiresses, Clare and Sara Bronfman.

Keith Raniere, is he an enlightened spiritual being, or a criminal cult leader?
Keith Raniere, is he an enlightened spiritual being, or a criminal cult leader?

The trio had a role behind the federal investigation that led to my indictment. It may have been a corrupt role.

Clare, 36, and Sara Bronfman, 39, are sisters. Their father, the late Jewish Canadian billionaire Edgar Bronfman, Sr. was chief executive of Seagrams and president of the World Jewish Congress.

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Keith Raniere’s work includes keeping a harem who may dedicate their entire lives to his teachings.


November 19, 2015 Staff 0

Gina Melita
Gina Melita

The federal government is actively investigating whether the Bronfmans are my victims. But they are the ones who should be investigated since there are many victims – including myself – of the Bronfman sisters and the man who leads them, Keith Raniere.C
lare and Sara Bronfman, heirs to the Seagram’s liquor fortune, and purported cult members, filed a complaint against me with the FBI claiming I defrauded them out of $1 million.

Raniere – who made the 1989 “The Guinness Book of World Records” for his high IQ – estimated to be between 188 and 194 – was born in Brooklyn in 1960, claimed to speak full sentences at age one, taught himself high-school math in 19 hours when he was 12 and completed three years of college math and computer-language classes by the age of 13.

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Target and Journalist

November 12, 2015 Staff 0

Parlato to have dual role in investigation


Left to right: US Attorney William Hochul, Keith Raniere (Forbes cover story), Clare Bronfman
Left to right: US Attorney William Hochul, Keith Raniere (Forbes cover story), Clare Bronfman

As a newspaper editor and publisher I have always insisted on transparency of government, and the transparency of private individuals dealing with government.

I have reported on these matters whenever I could with the depth that I could.

The Buffalo News reported on Sunday, November, 8, 2015 that the local US attorney’s office has targeted me for an investigation to determine whether to charge me with one or more felonies, or decline to prosecute after reviewing exonerating evidence, or alternately make an offer to me to avoid prosecution by taking a plea deal.

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US Tax forms with pen pencil glasses calculator

Tax Evasion by Raniere, NXIVM?; Dones Deposition Reviewed Part #http://southbuffalonews.com

June 19, 2017 0
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While some NXIVM -watchers have read Susan Dones five year old deposition (http://southbuffalonews.comhttp://southbuffalonews.com/23/20http://southbuffalonews.com0), the mention of it by a reader prompted me to take a good look at it.

It bears study for those considering following in her footsteps.

Dones was the owner of the Tacoma NXIVM center; a field trainer, proctor, salesperson and head trainer for NXIVM.

As such she had a marvelous insider’s view of the organization.

The next several posts are excerpts from her deposition.

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Are the women who criticize Raniere telling the truth?

June 19, 2017 0

Several women have criticized Keith Raniere.

Kristen Keeffe was Keith Raniere’s top assistant, a member of his inner circle, strategist for his legal quests to punish women he declared war on and is the mother of his child, a child he never acknowledged, a child he told Keeffe to lie about and deny was his son..

Keeffe also lived with Raniere along with other women of his harem during the early 2000’s.

Keeffe says, “It was just Keith doing what he does, which is committing fraud and lying, and thinking he’s not going to get caught.”

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Reader explains how NXIVM trainers use covert hypnosis techniques 

June 19, 2017 0

They believe in neutro-linguistic programming (NLP), which in this case would be Ericksonian covert-hypnosis.  The first steps are for the controller to converse with you, preferably seated side by side, and subtly match your body language, which apparently goes a long way toward making most people trust the controller.  Then it escalates to things like shoulder taps, often in the context of a joke.rsanny 7  Eventually you feel like you have known the controller forever and are very much at ease with him.  Keith is supposed to be a master of this stuff.

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Bronfman, Raniere Need Investigating Themselves

June 19, 2017 Frank Parlato 0
Keith Raniere

Hacking into people’s emails, phone records, bank accounts, bribing Mexican judges and politicians, massive tax evasion, secreting $http://southbuffalonews.com0 million into the US in cash from Mexico, bringing illegal aliens across the border at Niagara Falls, then imprisoning them, allegations from victims of statutory rape, at least two suicides, engaging in a classic Klein Conspiracy, with more than 60 corporate entities and scores of shifting bank accounts, paying dozens of employees’ salaries and telling them not to pay income taxes – and even a possible admission of having people killed — all these allegations and more are on tap as we report on the instigator of the federal investigation into my affairs – the leader of a dangerous cult called NXIVM, a man named Keith Raniere and his wealthy followers, the Seagrams’ heirs, Clare and Sara Bronfman.

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Reader has Questions about writer’s role in NXIVM

June 19, 2017 0

Having evidently read several of my posts on NXIVM, a reader asks:

How did they try to control your mind?

It sounds like you were allowed close enough to the inner circle to be able to see at least the sex-charged nature of NXIVM, if not the criminality.

Were there other non-ESPians living in “company housing” like you were?

Some of his lawyers perhaps?

Did they also catch on to the sex?

How did they get treated?

Were they at least sympathetic to the great “ethical” program of NXIVM?

Did they seem to be under Keith’s control?

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