Gov. Cuomo sizes up the share of tourist dollars that will accrue to downtown Niagara Falls businesses after his Niagara Lodge is built in the state park, as his state development honcho, transplanted Brooklynite Howard Zemsky, looks on.

Lots of Mystery Surrounds Goat Island Lodge Plan

March 2, 2017 Tony Farina 0

What did Sam Hoyt say to Dennis Virtuoso last Tuesday in a phone call to convince the Niagara County legislator from Niagara Falls to pull his resolution opposing Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s controversial plan to build a world class lodge on Goat Island?

Well, true to form, Hoyt, regional vice president of super-secretive Empire State Development, could not be reached to give his side of the conversation, but according to Virtuoso, Hoyt asked him to pull his resolution from consideration at the legislature’s regular session because the lodge plan was as good as dead and there would be three or four site proposals to come and aggressive public input.

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Roscetti For City Court Judge Event Draws Crowd

March 2, 2017 Staff 0
Kassie Klejdys, Alan Roscetti and Timothy Sootheran... at event for CIty Court Judge candidate Alan Roscetti
Kassie Klejdys, Alan Roscetti and Timothy Sootheran… at event for CIty Court Judge candidate Alan Roscetti

A meet-and-greet event for Niagara Falls City Court candidate Alan Roscetti was held last Monday at the Buffalo Wing Joint and P. U. B. on Niagara Falls Blvd.

A turnout of Niagara Falls residents shows that Roscetti has a strong following in this city.

Among the prominent political figures in attendance were Niagara Falls City Republican Chairman Bill Carroll, Lewiston GOP Chairman Jerry Wolfgang and Republican city council candidate Sam Archie.

Providing plenty of entertainment was young Alex Roscetti, the candidate’s toddler son, who gave it his all for his father and had plenty of fun in the process.

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Globe Metallurgical Plant in Niagara Falls.

Will Globe Metallurgical Close Niagara Falls Plant?

February 20, 2017 Staff 0
Globe Metallurgical Plant in Niagara Falls.
Globe Metallurgical Plant in Niagara Falls.

According to an informed source, Globe Metallurgical Inc., on Highland Ave. in Niagara Falls, has informed some vendors and suppliers that it may be planning to suspend operations at its Niagara Falls plant.

The source said, if this occurs, operations may be transferred to their Ohio facility.

Globe had a sizable tax handouts from the state in 2008 in order to reopen the facility.

Globe produces silicon metal, silicon-based specialty alloys and silicon fume used in automobiles, solar panels and computer electronics. The facility is a major source of emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2), carbon monoxide(CO), nitrogen oxides(NOx) and hydrogen chloride, which are hazardous air pollutants, according to the NYS DEC.

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Hot dogs, Delaware North hot dogs
What kind of kids eat Delaware North Hot Dogs?
Fat kids, skinny kids, kids who climb on rocks
Tough kids, sissy kids, billionaire kids, even kids with chicken pox
love hot dogs, Delaware North Dot Dogs
The dogs kids love to bite!

State DEC greenwashes Delaware North so-called “Improvements” to State Park

February 16, 2017 James Hufnagel 0

The very survival of the human race is being threatened by global warming, air and water pollution, overpopulation, natural resource depletion, loss of biodiversity, deforestation and ocean acidification, but don’t despair! Delaware North, which sells fast food, gifts and souvenirs in the former nature preserve we know as Niagara Falls State Park, was recently named a “New York Environmental Leader” by the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation.

Why was Delaware North designated an “Environmental Leader” by New York State?

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Will Dyster back Ricchiazzi’s plan for a ‘Falls Ferry’?

February 16, 2017 Frank Parlato 0


It’s not a hare brained scheme but, if you will give it consideration, an idea whose time has come.

And now an investment group led by Matthew Ricchiazzi is planning to seek the long and arduous road to approval to launch a ferry service in the lower Niagara River, shuttling tourists from the base of Terrapin Point to nearly the Whirlpool Bridge.

The Maid of the Mist, owned by James Glynn, has had a monopoly on boat rides in the lower River since 1972 and has offered only a 20 minute ride with no stops, essentially shutting off the lower river to exploration. A tourist is not afforded the time to experience the lower river set deep within the 400 million year old strata of rocks along the river cut by the Falls.

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Delaware North co-CEO Lou Jacobs shakes with Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown as Delaware North seals the deal. Kevin Kelly (right) is both president of Delaware North’s travel business and chairman of the Olmsted Park Conservancy’s board of directors.  The woman on the left is Stephanie Crockatt, the Conservancy’s executive director.

“Buffalo Olmsted” rolls over for Cuomo, Delaware North $$$

February 16, 2017 James Hufnagel 0

It’s no secret why the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy, one of the largest, most prominent and influential local non-profit community organizations in Western New York, has adopted a strictly hands-off approach when it comes to advocacy on behalf of one of the most famous Frederick Law Olmsted-designed parks in the entire world, Niagara Falls State Park.

It’s because Delaware North pays them off, pure and simple. And to be honest, they come pretty cheap.

Last week Lou Jacobs, co-CEO of Delaware North, pledged $300,000 to Buffalo Olmsted for the various purposes of fighting the invasive emerald ash borer, sponsoring a community lecture series, planting and maintenance of new trees and directing a small subsidy to the city’s Summer Youth Program.

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Potholes again Populate City Streets

February 8, 2017 Reporter 0

By James Hufnagel;

Ten years into the tenure of Mayor Paul Dyster, the streets of Niagara Falls have never looked worse.

Shortly after Dyster was elected in 2007, Congresswoman Louise Slaughter gifted him $3.6 million of federal tax dollars for street repaving. Main Street, among several other streets downtown, got a fresh coat of blacktop. Main Street hasn’t been repaved since.

Third Street is all chewed up again, a year after it was repaved.

Lockport Street and Whirlpool Drive are clearly disasters. While Lockport is theoretically next in line for repaving, it’ll be another year, in the Spring of 2018, until a section of the north Moses Parkway gets removed and Whirlpool redone.

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The former Niagara Falls International Convention Center was given to the Seneca Nation for $1 dollar. Will the city ever have another convention center?

Zona Spearheading Bipartisan Effort for Convention Center Study

February 4, 2017 Reporter 0

By Tony Farina;

Could it be the start of a new era of bipartisanship, a new and exciting chapter in the city of Niagara Falls, a heavily Democratic urban core in a county where Republicans control the legislature 11 to 4?

Well, nobody should jump to conclusions too quickly because Niagara Falls has a history of letting political differences undermine progress. But there is a major project on the horizon that is slowly coming into focus and it has a distinctly bipartisan flavor, at least at this point, and that’s certainly worth noting.

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The Mayor is fond of ballcaps.

Is Mayor Dyster one of the ‘immigrant’ faces on Cuomo Pamphlet ???

February 3, 2017 James Hufnagel 0

excel cuomo

On Jan. 20, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s representative, Empire State Development’s Sr. VP Sam Hoyt appeared in Council Chambers at Niagara Falls City Hall to deliver an encapsulated version of the “State of the State” speech performed by Cuomo on Jan. 9 at the University of Buffalo’s North Campus.

At the front entrance to the large chambers, where the business of the people is conducted every other Monday, on the bench next to the door, was a stack of single-page, fold-out glossy brochures headlining “NEW YORK STATE EXCELSIOR EVER UPWARD – Advancing the New York Promise” above images of the Greater Rochester International Airport and JFK International in New York City, as well as a newly-constructed Second Avenue Subway in Manhattan. At the bottom of the brochure, in bold letters, is “Andrew M. Cuomo” and “Governor”.

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Niagara Falls experiences social media firestorm over Cuomo’s “Lodge” proposal

February 3, 2017 James Hufnagel 0

A number of Niagara Falls residents lit up social media this week with protests against Gov. Cuomo’s “lodge” which he wants to build next to the Niagara River on Goat Island in the Niagara Falls State Park, damaging the beautiful natural scenery surrounding Niagara Falls. We culled the following critical comments from Facebook, which outnumbered those in favor by at least 10 to 1.

Robert Borgatti: “This is a terrible idea. Just another unnecessary intrusion on the natural environment at the falls and totally contrary to the Olmsted vision that created the natural reserve (now referred to as a “park”). No more commercial enterprises inside the park, which yields little economic benefit to the community.”

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Roscetti Fundraiser Draws Overflow Crowd

February 3, 2017 Tony Farina 0
Niagara Falls father and son attorneys James Roscetti and Alan Roscetti. Alan is running this year for Niagara Falls City Court Judge.

By Tony Farina

It was a full house last Thursday at the Hyde Park Ice Pavilion for Alan Roscetti’s kickoff fundraiser in his campaign for Niagara Falls City Court judge.

Roscetti, a 37-year-old Niagara County public defender and private practice attorney, is running for the seat currently held by Judge Robert Merino who will be retiring at the end of the year.

“It was a great night, just a terrific turnout,” said Roscetti after greeting more than 200 well wishers and supporters who turned out for the official start of his campaign and promising to work hard to convince voters he would be a fair and honest judge if he wins in November.

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E.R. "Bob" Baxter III

Open Letter to the Hon. Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor

February 2, 2017 Staff 0
E.R. "Bob" Baxter III
E.R. “Bob” Baxter III

In the Tradition of the Old-time Pamphleteers, This is An Open Letter to the Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor of the State of New York

By E.R. Baxter III

Dear Governor Andrew Mark Cuomo,

In a recent public speech, you made several remarks about Goat Island at Niagara Falls. One remark had to do with building a “lodge” on Goat Island, “a world class lodge with sweeping views of the Niagara River,” and you furthermore said that an RFP has already been issued to “build greater outdoor activities on Goat Island that will boost tourism and give people an international destination to visit.” Your radical action compels the asking of questions, but before I ask them, please bear with me for the following News Flash: Niagara Falls is already “an international destination,” and has been so for over two centuries.

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