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When was the last time you did it?

January 31, 2016 Anna Howard 3

There was a time when husbands and wives did it frequently.

Lovers thought it was incredibly romantic to do over and over again.

Sometimes they did it all night long and from city to city.

When was the last time you did it?

Ride the train, that is.

Mayor Paul A. Dyster’s nearly completed $45 million train station will be called ” the Niagara Falls International Railway Station & Intermodal Transportation Center.”

That’s a mouthful – in fact it is the longest name for any train station in America. read more

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Dyster veto stops Tompkins’ council health insurance cost saving measure

January 28, 2016 Anna Howard 1

Niagara Falls – It didn’t take long for freshman councilman Kenny Tompkins to get a close up look at Mayor Paul Dyster’s veto pen. And from what we’re told Mr. Tompkins is not pleased at seeing the mayor – with a stroke of his seldom seen veto pen – strike down the councilman’s resolution, a resolution ending the health insurance benefit for all future members of the city council.

Tompkins’ resolution ending the taxpayer paid health care had been passed in a 3-2 vote at a council meeting two weeks ago. Tompkins, Chairman Andrew Touma and council member Kristen Grandinetti supported the resolution, while Council members Charles Walker and Ezra Scott opposed passage. read more

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Trademarking history: Glynn, Jacobs become owners of American heritage

January 28, 2016 Mike Hudson 1


On June 30, 1864, President Abraham Lincoln signed a bill creating the nation’s first federal park at Yosemite, in northern California.

Now Delaware North owner Jeremy Jacobs Sr., who ran concessions in the park from 1993 to 2016, says a trademark he filed makes him the owner of the words “Yosemite National Park.”

The first boat christened The Maid of the Mist was launched in the waters below Niagara Falls in 1846.

 In 1993, Maid of the Mist Steamboat Co. owner Jimmy Glynn, who has run a tour boat concession at Niagara Falls since 1971, filed a trademark on the words “Maid of the Mist.” read more

Grandinetti’s bold commentary on “rape culture” hits home  

January 28, 2016 1
Whether you agree with her or not, with Niagara Falls Council member Kristen Grandinetti, at least you know where she stands.

 Whether you agree with her or not, you’ve got to give Niagara Falls City Councilwoman Kristen Grandinetti credit. She speaks her mind, lets the chips fall where they may and apparently doesn’t worry about what anyone thinks.

Last week, on her Facebook page, the kindergarten teacher posted a picture of a young woman, naked from the waist up, with a cigarette in her hand. Some white makeup is covering her nipples and the words “STILL NOT ASKING FOR IT” are scrawled across her torso with Magic Marker. read more

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Underground Railroad Interpretive Center casino funds defy transparency

January 28, 2016 Anna Howard 0

Five years after it was due to open, the Underground Railroad Interpretive Center on Whirlpool remains a mystery as to maintenance expenditures, exhibits and how much was really spent [and will be spent] to complete it.
Niagara Falls – The Underground Railroad Commission has been receiving $350,000 per year in dedicated casino revenue since 2009. At $350,000 per year for seven years that’s a total of $2,450,000. The money is set aside annually out of the casino revenue account to support and promote the Underground Railroad Interpretive Center. The center was supposed to open its doors five years ago but failed to do so after the project director was mysteriously removed from his city hall job by Mayor Paul Dyster. read more

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Dyster administration has little interest in revealing casino account growth

January 28, 2016 Anna Howard 0

While great attention has been paid to the condition of the city’s casino revenue account, virtually nothing has been asked, much less revealed, as to how the city is using the interest earned by the many millions of casino revenue dollars that have been received and banked over the years.

The Reporter has repeatedly called for the city to post all information regarding the casino interest account and how it’s been spent or invested. After all those are taxpayer dollars. So far our request for simple and straight forward fiscal transparency has fallen on deaf ears. We’re not surprised. Our repeated recommendation that the entire city budget be posted in real time on the city website has met with similar stony silence. read more

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How has the casino revenue been abused, let us count the ways

January 28, 2016 Anna Howard 2
Mayor Paul Dyster has had a unique opportunity among mayors in the nation. He has had $183 million n casino revenue to spend to build up a city. Critics say he has squandered it. The result is a city that is worse than before he was first elected mayor in 2008

What do tree stump removal, police overtime, engineering consultants, penguins, pothole patching and the train station all have in common? They were all supported with casino revenue over recent years.

It’s strange, but true, that every one of these things – and a whole lot more – were deemed by mayor and council as meeting the casino revenue expenditure prime directive: The city share of casino revenue must be spent on matters directly related to economic development. While that Albany directive is on the books the observance of the directive has never been supported with a definitive written casino revenue spending policy. Consequently the definition of “economic development” remains unsettled and conveniently cloudy for the spendthrift Dyster administration. read more

Train station set to open with one tenant, no museum here?

January 27, 2016 Mike Hudson 40
n ts 4
Niagara Falls has built a 20,000 square foot train station for a city that gets on average 64 passengers per day…. The costs are expected to far exceed the revenue generated. This rendering by Wendel – the designers of the station – accurately reflect that this is going to be a big mainly empty building – which taxpayer will pay to heat and maintain.

Niagara Falls – With the city’s new train station and Underground Railroad Heritage Museum ready to open by the end of May, a couple of questions linger.

How do you open a history museum when not a single artifact has been acquired or display fabricated? Despite the fact that the city’s Underground Railroad Commission has been given $2.45 million in casino cash, it is unknown what – if anything – they have done with the money.

Other than issuing a preliminary report shortly after the formation of the commission that failed to establish any unequivocal link between the Underground Railroad and what is now the City of Niagara Falls, little has been heard of the shadowy organization. read more

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An interview with Sam Fruscione: Correct about phony Hamister deal

January 27, 2016 2
touma fruscione
Sam Fruscione was right after all…..

It was the summer of 2013, almost three years ago, and the city of Niagara Falls was in the midst of a crisis. According to the Buffalo television stations and local newspapers quoting Mayor Paul Dyster, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and U.S. Sen Kirsten Gillibrand, one man was standing in the way on an economic revitalization that would turn the city around once and for all.

That man, comically enough, it seems now, was popular former city Council chairman Sam Fruscione.

The affable Fruscione had served on the Council for years, providing the leadership for a dissident majority that questioned Dyster administration initiatives and fought against the mayor’s annual tax increases. Along with former councilmen Bob Anderson and Glenn Choolokian, Fruscione provided effective opposition. read more

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New Automated Parking System on Goat Island Stiffs Senior Citizens

January 27, 2016 James Hufnagel 0

Whether exposing the crooked Glynn Maid of the Mist monopoly, criticizing the Niagara Falls State Park “Landscape Improvements” plan which ruined Three Sisters Islands, sounding the alarm on the Parks Police barracks which was slated for the edge of the scenic Niagara Gorge, rallying the public against the demolition of the 1864 Carriage Barn of DeVeaux Woods State Park, documenting how the south Robert Moses Parkway upgrade serves to further isolate the city from its waterfront and tourist assets, or even complaining about closed restrooms at Whirlpool and Devil’s Hole State Parks during the off-season, the Niagara Falls Reporter has served as the de facto watchdog of State Parks for over a decade. read more

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Council meeting “walk on” resolutions come in several sizes and shapes

January 22, 2016 Anna Howard 1

The Reporter was pleased to see freshman council member Ezra Scott decline to support Mayor Dyster’s attempt to walk on a surprise resolution at the recent council meeting. The resolution aimed to tap the city till for up to $75,000 to support the hosting of a meeting of the Great Lakes Council Initiative. The mayor sits on the board of that organization.

We give high marks to Mr. Scott in recognition of his reluctance to spend taxpayer cash on short notice with insufficient information. That being said we can assure the councilman that this won’t be the last time he’s presented with late or deficient resolutions and requests for expenditures. read more

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Was City’s sale of Chilton Ave house transparent? Don’t bid on it!

January 21, 2016 Anna Howard 34

There’s a mystery brewing on historic Chilton Avenue and several community activists have expressed interest in getting to the bottom of the puzzle’s particulars at the January 13 Planning Board meeting.

The city, under the guidance of Seth Piccirillo, director of Mayor Paul Dyster’s Community Development Department, sold 631 Chilton Avenue to Develop Niagara LLC for $500. The remarkably low selling price has people questioning the deal. While the Planning Board signed off on the property transfer the final approval of the council is now needed to close the purchase. read more