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January 27, 2016 26

Anglers Encouraged to Safely Enjoy Ice Fishing on New York Waters as Ice Conditions Improve

A series of what the DEC calls “free ice fishing clinics” are scheduled across New York State to educate people about ice fishing and how to safely enjoy time on the ice, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Acting Commissioner Basil Seggos announced.

The clinics, conducted by DEC, and paid for by state taxpayers are part of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s I FISH NY program, which “aims to increase participation and awareness of the outstanding fishing opportunities in New York,” according to a press release issued by the DEC. read more

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Second Amendment Watch: SCOPE, Sen. Ortt decry Orwellian ‘Terrorist Watch List’ Deprivation of Liberty, 2nd, 5th Amendments!

January 21, 2016 62

A joint statement from SCOPE and NYS Senator Robert Ortt regarding the “Terrorist Watch List” was released last week:

New York State Senator Jefery Klein and Assemblyman Thomas Abinanti have introduced legislation that, “Prohibits persons named on the ‘consolidated terrorist watch list’ from obtaining or renewing a license to carry, possess, repair and dispose of firearms. “

The Terrorist Watch List and its derivatives do not meet any reasonable standard for the deprivation of an individual’s rights. Individuals are placed on the list from within an unidentified bureaucracy based on vaguely defined and highly flexible standards of “reasonable suspicion.” It is a clear violation of the 5th Amendment’s guarantee of due process before depriving one of “life, liberty or property.” read more

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Darrow stated Jury Nullification ended witch trials

January 1, 2016 Frank Parlato 36

CLARENCE DARROW (Debate with Judge Alfred J. Talley, Oct. 27, http://southbuffalonews.com924): “Why not reenact the code of Blackstone’s day? Why, the judges were all for it — every one of them — and the only way we got rid of those laws was because juries were too humane to obey the courts. That is the only way we got rid of punishing old women, of hanging old women in New England — because, in spite of all the courts, the juries would no longer convict them for a crime that never existed.” read more

Second Amendment Watch: The Purpose of the Second Amendment against Obama’s Planned Executive Order

January 1, 2016 Frank Parlato 23

President Barrack Obama plans to announce he will issue an executive order to expand background checks and increase enforcement of gun control laws in the name of safety for the people.

In so doing, government shall assume greater power against the people in deciding who shall not have the rights declared in the Second Amendment.

President Obama’s planned limitations will not be as sweeping as he once suggested; and many support his stated objective to solve the nation’s crime problem through limiting the Second Amendment. read more