Community Memorial Day Parade Begins at 10 a. m. Saturday

May 26, 2016 Staff 3
by Tony Farina

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Niagara Falls Councilmen Kenny Tompkins and Ezra Scott Jr., the Niagara Falls Memorial Day Parade will launch the holiday weekend on Saturday starting at 10 a.m. at City Market and continue down Pine Avenue, eventually concluding at the Niagara Falls Veterans Memorial where a ceremony will be held.

Councilman Kenny Thompkins proved up the spirit of Niagara Falls. When Mayor Paul Dyster could not find a few thousand dollars to fund the Memorial Day Parade, [the mayor had other important funding commitments] Thompkins, along with Councilman Ezra Scott, got it done through the people. This will be a parade to remember since the funds to put it on did not come from government coercion and force [taxation] but through the voluntary and joyful contributions of the people who want the parade to take place. This is the true spirit of America.
Councilman Kenny Thompkins proved up the spirit of Niagara Falls. When Mayor Paul Dyster could not find a few thousand dollars to fund the Memorial Day Parade, [the mayor had other important funding commitments] Thompkins, along with Councilman Ezra Scott, got it done through the people. This will be a parade to remember since the funds to put it on did not come from government coercion and force [taxation] but through the voluntary and joyful contributions of the people who want the parade to take place. This is the true spirit of America.

There was a brief moment last March when reports surfaced that due to a lack of city funding, there would be no Memorial Day Parade this year.  Fortunately, Tompkins, Scott, and retired City Court Judge Angelo Morinello stepped forward with Morinello becoming the parade’s prime sponsor.  Many others also stepped forward as well, and the parade has been re-christened the Community Memorial Day Parade. read more

Seat belt road blocks coming to a street near you.

Nanny State ‘Click It Or Ticket’ Campaign In Effect; ‘Godvernment’ Law Will Harass Motorists

May 26, 2016 Staff 3
by Frank Parlato

Erie County Sheriff Timothy B. Howard, once again, is reminding motorists that the nanny state ‘Click It or Ticket’ revenue generator will be in effect between May 23 to June 5, just ahead of one of the busiest travel weekends of the year.

The county sheriff’s department says it will likely set up checkpoints and inspect and search cars in its efforts to force people to wear seatbelts.

And they will give tickets worth perhaps tens of thousands of dollars to citizens who thought they would make their own safety decisions inside their own property [car]. read more

Print Edition 5.19.16

May 19, 2016 Staff 2


Before, during and after Isaiah 61 tackled the renovation of a home on Centre Ave. Failure to put proper support beams in the attic of this home caused it to collapse.

Dyster, Piccirillo Misspent Federal Funds On Isaiah 61; Still Call Program A Success

May 19, 2016 Staff 1
by Mike Hudson

Results of an audit released this week by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development were sharply critical of the city’s much vaunted and insanely expensive relationship with the Isaiah 61 organization, backing up much of the Niagara Falls Reporter’s coverage of the situation during the past three years.

The audit, prepared by the office of HUD Inspector General David A. Montoya, is completely at odds with the rosy picture painted by city Community Development Director Seth Piccirillo. read more

After two terms Mayor Paul Dyster wants to move in a different direction: More spending.

Dyster Throws Baby Out With Bathwater; Fires Maria Brown As Well As Donna Owens

May 19, 2016 Staff 1
by Mike Hudson

Last week, the Niagara Falls Reporter predicted that City Administrator Donna Owens was going to be given the axe by Mayor Paul Dyster. This week, Dyster showed up at City Hall, axe in hand and let her have it.

He also announced that, if the council approves, he will fire City Controller Maria Brown, a 16-year veteran who served in the administrations of mayors James Galie, Irene Elia and Vince Anello prior to Dyster’s election. Tough and independent, her loyalty has always been to the taxpayers of Niagara Falls. read more

Artist conception: NTCC CEO John Percy rides high as he hopes to close down or tax the poor people of Niagara Falls who try to make a few bucks renting rooms to tourists in the highest taxed city in the highest taxed state in the USA.

Percy Leads Charge Against Taxpayers Renting Tourist Rooms In Private Homes

May 19, 2016 Staff 0
by Mike Hudson

High-priced hotel rooms are what John Percy’s all about.

The globe-trotting Percy, CEO of the Niagara Tourism and Convention Corp., typically spends your money — sent to him by Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster — on five-star accommodations when he visits London, Delhi, Mumbai, Prague, Berlin, Geneva, Milan and other exotic locales. He flies first-class only, and pays himself a whopping salary of $140,000 a year — plus $200,000 in travel and expenses — out of an NTCC budget, which benefits from $2 million annually in taxpayer money. read more

What’s in a name? Arby’s on Niagara Falls Boulevard in Niagara Falls advertises Arby’s newest sandwich creation, the “Loaded Italian”. While it is no doubt a delicious and nourishing sandwich, if the nationality for the sandwich was a little different, the result might be a sh-t storm of boycott and protest not a line up of customers for this mouthwatering delight.

Arby’s Loaded Italian?

May 19, 2016 Staff 3

Arby’s has introduced a new sandwich dubbed The Loaded Italian.  The subtle mafia implication aside, is this use of a peoplehood to describe food appropriate?

Or is it a misappropriation of a culture motivated by commercial gain?  Sure, reasonable minds can disagree. But substitute the word Italian with Jew, Black, or Muslim and the civil rights brigade would storm the streets.  Can you imagine ordering The Plush Jew, The Black Bandit, or The Explosive Muslim?  Hardly.

The extent to which Italian Americans have experienced the brunt of negative stereotypes propagated by an elitist media has gone under appreciated in the scholarly and social discourse. This history, too, should be recognized in the American narrative. read more

Grand Island Supervisor Nathan McMurray represents a sea change in the political will of the leadership of Grand Island. Unlike his predecessors, he wants the tolls removed. “Mr. Cuomo, tear down these tolls!” McMurray said at a rally attended by activist Rus Thompson.

Money Grab At Bridges Hurting WNY Says Grand Island Supervisor McMurray, Activist Thompson Toll Removal Effort Reignited, Regional Support Needed!

May 19, 2016 Staff 0
by Joseph Kissel

Where’s the money going?

That’s the question newly elected Grand Island Supervisor Nate McMurray wants to know regarding the tolls that have been collected at the bridges since 1929.

“This is an old fight,” McMurray said.

As such, the veteran warrior of the remove-the-tolls effort, Rus Thompson, was on hand once again to wage battle against the New York State Thruway Authority’s control over the Grand Island Bridges — and consequently, an important swathe of Western New York.

“It needs to go away,” Thompson said after Sunday’s launch of the “Home Free” campaign to once again try to remove the Grand Island tolls and to complete the success of Carl Paladino’s effort to eliminate the Breckenridge toll barrier in 2007. read more

Computerized rendering of proposed city owned - taxpayer funded Tony Hawks skatepark at Hyde Park next to Sal Maglie Stadium.

Skaters, Neighbors Find Own Reasons For Thinking Skate Parks Just Uncool

May 19, 2016 Staff 3
by Mike Hudson

HOLLYWOOD – How cool are skateparks?

With a population of 3.9 million, Los Angeles, the birthplace of skateboarding, has just 13 citywide. And complaints from the neighbors combined with apathy and rejection on the part of the skaters themselves make it unlikely that more will open anytime soon.

Meanwhile, in Niagara Falls, the city is getting ready to spend $494,000 to build its own skate park. Officials say the project could be completed by fall, just in time for it to be covered in snow for the following six months. read more

Here’s a picture of skateboard millionaire Tony Hawk risking death for the edification of what looks to be a couple thousand people in the audience on a beach in Southern California. He likes Niagara Falls, because the yokels who run the city government here are even stupider than their counterparts in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin! They bought his skatepark pitch hook, line and sinker, and now he is considering introducing Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster to the wonders of the Hula Hoop.

Niagara Falls Skatepark To Benefit Taxpayers Out West In California

May 19, 2016 Staff 5
by Mike Hudson

HOLLYWOOD — It’s a nice little angle. And one that’s pulled in the rubes from hundreds of small towns all across America. Most recently it snagged Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster and his Director of Community Development Seth Piccirillo.

Tony “The Birdman” Hawk made his bones as a professional skater during the 1980s and 1990s before getting into the video game business in 1999 and soon branched out into other lines of merchandise. He made millions, and set up a not-for-profit known as the Tony Hawk Foundation, an organization described as “philanthropic” by most sources. Its stated aim is awarding grants to build skate parks in economically challenged areas for use by underprivileged youth. read more

Attorney Joel Daniels left. Dr. Eugene Gosy right

Dr. Gosy Was ‘Last Best Hope,’ Says Daniels

May 19, 2016 Staff 0
by Tony Farina

Dr. [Eugene] Gosy was “the last best hope for patients suffering from chronic pain,” said Joel Daniels this week in describing the difficulties many patients have had finding help since the Williamsville pain treatment center operated by Dr. Gosy was shut down after the doctor’s federal indictment last month accusing him of illegally prescribing drugs.

“It has really been hard on him but he is more optimistic now,” said Daniels now that his center has been reopened and the many patients who have suffered since the office was shut down last month can once again go there for help. read more

Dr. Scapegoat, I Presume? Gosy Indictment Signals Feds Expanding War on Drugs, Freedom

May 19, 2016 Staff 3
by Jim Ostrowski

The war on human beings who use, sell or possess drugs (private property), is, from the perspective of reason or morality, dead. Yet, it survives in political backwaters such as Buffalo and in the intellectual backwater of progressivism. The drug war is the classic progressive policy failure. The progressives invented it. They defend it. They sustain it and they prosecute it, while often blaming Republicans for it. 

Since it is a progressive program, progressives can never bring themselves to admit its failure.  Any evidence of its failure is simply reinterpreted to justify even greater force, effort and expenditure.  As I explain elsewhere, progressives have developed a sophisticated system of scapegoats to distract attention away from their policy failures. “Why Progressives Make Bad Journalists,”, Dec. 30, 2015. With drugs plentiful and cheap and overdoses rising, the drug warriors have identified a new scapegoat, the medical doctor. read more