Was Delaware North involved in the death of Don Bolles?

December 22, 2016 The News Desk 37

Before it was known as Delaware North, the global Buffalo-based concessioner called itself Emprise. A reporter at the time who relentlessly investigated the company and its business practices, Don Bolles, was murdered in a car bombing in 1976.

In 1972, the House Select Committee on Crime held hearings concerning Emprise’s connections with organized crime figures. Around this time, Emprise and six individuals were convicted of concealing ownership of the Frontier Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. As a result of the conviction, Emprise’s dog racing operations in Arizona were placed under the legal authority of a trustee appointed by the Arizona State Racing Commission. read more

Trump seeking Black votes

September 7, 2016 The News Desk 25


For years, I have advised GOP candidates, to seek the votes of African Americans by campaigning in blighted urban minority neighborhoods.

While no one took me up on the suggestion, coincidentally, a few days after I chided Donald Trump in various published articles for turning down invitation to speak before black organizations, he at least asked for African-Americans to vote for him, albeit in clumsy terms.

Next, he visited a black church and Ben Carson’s old street.  These efforts are a good start but Trump really needs to get out there and see what 100 years of big government policies have done to the inner city. read more

NY State Senate Wins Online Democracy Award for Website that Smells a lot like ‘Digital Franking’

August 19, 2016 The News Desk 49

By Frank Parlato

The New York State Senate was recognized last week for having the “best legislative website in the country” by the National Conference of State Legislatures and, consequently, received the 2016 “Online Democracy Award,” according to a press release issued by the New York State Senate.

The award was given during a summit in Chicago which convened from Aug 8 – 11.

Again, according to the New York State Senate press release, the Online Democracy Award” is given each year to a legislature, legislative chamber, or caucus whose website helps make democracy user-friendly.” read more

As Buffalo becomes more transparent, Niagara Falls is as secretive as hell

August 19, 2016 The News Desk 17


Late last year, Buffalo City Comptroller Mark J. F. Schroeder created an online database called Open Book Buffalo. A website, it is updated biweekly, and publishes all of the City of Buffalo’s expenditures and revenue, allowing everyone to see detailed financial information while Buffalo spends some $480 million per year.

Indeed, Buffalo has become so transparent that everything that was formerly available only through Freedom of Information Law Requests (FOIL), is available to the public on Schroeder’s Open Book Buffalo website. read more

Guest View: Stop the Reassessment!

August 18, 2016 The News Desk 27

By The Committee to Stop the Reassessments & Continuous Tax Increases

Once again, on August 15, 2016, at 11:45 a.m. workers from the Department of Public Works were seen removing Stop the Reassessment signs that residents put up on utility poles in front of their homes. Yes that is right, City workers whose salaries are paid for by taxpayer dollars being ordered to remove taxpayer signs!

The Committee to Stop the Reassessments and Continuous Tax Increases contacted the Director of Public Works to ask why taxpayer signs were removed and who ordered their removal. We were told that they were removed because they were on the City right-of-way but the director refused to tell us who ordered their removal. We requested that the signs be returned to the residents which they were. read more

No one should have the nuclear codes

August 18, 2016 The News Desk 40


The latest attack on Donald Trump from Pravda (the mainstream media) is that we can’t trust him with the nuclear codes. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw nukes. Hillary helped start illegal wars in Libya and Syria, resulting in murder and mayhem in those countries which continues to this day.

For the details, see The Impeachment of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton: for High Crimes in Syria and Libya. In Syria, there was and is a serious risk of a military confrontation with Russia, one of the big three nuclear powers. Nuclear war is most likely to break out by accident as a result of confrontations in such proxy wars. read more

How I spent my summer vacation

August 18, 2016 The News Desk 25


As a freshman councilman, part of my learning curve in this city is to understand the inner workings of city hall. My job is to be a strong financial watchdog for residents. This requires a sharp understanding of the processes that impact residents and the departments that fill those needs. For this reason, I spent four mornings of my first week of summer vacation shadowing different departments to see what the people in those departments do. It was an eye-open- ing experience to say the least. read more

Niagara Falls attorney, John DelMonte, despite having strong local support, and preeminent qualifications, would not curry favor with Erie County Democratic Party bosses. Ironically, the very temperament that would qualify him for the bench, disqualified him from gaining Democrats support.

Erie County bosses say no cross-endorsements for judgeships this year, DelMonte bypassed

August 18, 2016 The News Desk 48


It appears there will be no bipartisan endorsements for the now two open State Supreme Court seats that will be on the ballot in November in the 8th Judicial District covering the eight counties of Western New York to fill the seats of retiring Justice Joseph Glownia and former Justice John Michalek who resigned from the bench in June after pleading guilty to two bribery related felony charges.

While there were several potential candidates vying for party support just a few weeks ago after Michalek’s resignation opened up a second seat, including highly regarded Niagara Falls attorney John DelMonte, we have learned that four candidates have emerged, two Democrats and two Republicans, who will likely be selected by the judicial nominating conventions next month after the Sept. 13th primary vote. Only one will be from outside Erie County. read more

Trio of Doctors to Perform Free Cataract Surgeries for One Day

August 18, 2016 The News Desk 54

Cataract Surgeons, Dr. Kenneth D. Anthone, Dr. Amar Atwal and Dr. Ephraim Atwal, will provide cataract surgery at “no charge on Friday, October 7, to people of all ages who have no means to pay.

, Dr. Kenneth D. Anthone

The three are part of an annual charitable event called “Mission Cataract Day” where, for one day a year, cataract surgeons throughout the USA offer cataract surgeries to people at no cost to them or to Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance.

The event is organized and promoted by the Eyes On America Foundation.Cataracts are a condition where the normally clear lens of the eye becomes clouded causing blurred and impaired vision. It has been described as looking through a fogged-up window.Cataracts, left untreated, are the leading cause of blindness in the world. read more

Niagara Falls Memorial awarded three-year national reaccreditation

August 18, 2016 The News Desk 48

Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center was awarded a three-year reac- creditation from the Healthcare Facilities Accreditation

Program (HFAP), an independent accredita- tion organization recognized by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). It earned this distinction after the HFAP conducted an extensive and objective review of the quality and safety standards of the medical center and its satellite locations.

“Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center clearly demonstrates a commitment to quality patient care,” said Lawrence Haspel, D.O., chairman of the Bureau of Healthcare Facilities Accreditation for the HFAP. “We base our decision on federal standards as well as recognized national standards for patient safety, quality improvement, and environmental safety. Niagara Falls Memorial met or exceeded the standards in every case.” read more

Almost every building near the tax free Seneca Casino complex is vacant,

The Audacity Of Hope And Another Cruel Joke On Us

June 2, 2016 The News Desk 36
by Matt Ricchiazzi

It was 15 years ago when then Governor George E. Pataki – seeking reelection to his third term – promised to transform Niagara Falls. The crux of his revival plan rested in a 2001 casino compact with the Seneca Nation of Indians that granted the Nation sovereign jurisdiction over 50 acres of the city’s most prime downtown real estate. Despite the Senecas’ $1.2 billion in revenue sharing payments made to the State of New York and the City of Niagara Falls since, the city remains chronically blighted and without the catalytic development that was promised. read more

Down and Dirty: DPW Compost Pile Has Become Dumping Grounds For More Than Just Dead Dogs

April 21, 2016 The News Desk 35
Illegal dumping of garbage
Illegal dumping of garbage

In our business, people frequently come to us as whistleblowers troubled by what they perceive as official misconduct and yet afraid that if they blow the whistle at work they will be retaliated against.

It is necessary for us to protect their identities.

gar1This week two such people came to us to inform us about the so-called composting site on Niagara Falls Department of Public Works managed property near the corner of Porter and New Road which has transmuted into what may well be an illegal dumping grounds for both the city and for private individuals using the site to get rid of all manner of debris that should not be dumped there. read more