Niagara Falls Will Be Competing With Cincinnati Underground Railroad Museum

March 24, 2016 aaron476610 78

Before the Civil War, the Ohio River meant freedom. Even though it was the primary water route for the still-thriving American slave trade, the river was also the border between the slave states of the South and the free states of the Northwest Territory. This attracted escaping slaves and abolitionists of all races to Cincinnati, as well as pro-slavery activists and economic interests. Secret hiding places and tunnels used for the Underground Railroad can still be found throughout the region.

So it is only fitting that the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is now located on the banks of this river. Built in 2004, this striking curvilinear museum explores the history of slavery in the United States and the difficult path towards freedom. The museum’s three pavilions trace African-American history from the beginnings of the triangular trade to the present, concentrating on the events through the Reconstruction era. The exhibits take local connections and put them in a national scope, examining many facets of the issues of slavery, racism, and freedom. There is even a focus on including the roles of other minority groups such as women and Native Americans. read more

Steve Masic stands next to his proposed Subway Store on a lot he intends to pave as a parking lot – if he opens the store.

Subway Stalled on Niagara St., as City Mulls Loan Conditions

March 24, 2016 aaron476610 57

A $139,000 loan approved in 2015 for businessman Steve Masic to develop a Subway restaurant at 520 Niagara St. has been held up as city officials try to determine what price to credit Masic for the real estate he owns.

Masic, who founded Players Bar and operated it for years, purchased the property at 520 Niagara St. for $90,000.

He put the property under an LLC he owns. A few years later, as he was diversifying his business interests, he transferred the property to another LLC he owns and his prior attorney recorded the deed transfer at Niagara County for $8,500. read more

Candidacies for Niagara County DA’s Race May Presents Curious Contest Between Maziarz- Wojtaszek Allies

March 24, 2016 aaron476610 62

By Emma Gibbs

George Maziarz: If Ron Winters and Caroline Wojtaszek runs for DA, who will George support?
George Maziarz: If Ron Winters and Caroline Wojtaszek runs for DA, who will George support?

It did not take long after the recent resignation of Niagara County District Attorney Michael Violante to bring out the “wanabees” to become the County’s next top prosecutor.

The first to announce, from what could well be a long list of candidates, was North Tonawanda Democrat Caroline Wojtaszek.  Wojtaszek, currently the confidential law clerk to Niagara County Court Judge Sara Sheldon had previously served 12 years (1998 to 2010) as an Assistant District Attorney.

The make-up for any upcoming election could well draw lines in local political sands. Wojtaszek, though a Democrat in her own right, is married to former Niagara County Republican Chairman Henry Wojtaszek. Though no longer Party chair, Mr. Wojtaszek continues to remain a not so invisible force within the local Republican circuit. read more

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This week in our series on that fascinating conman, Shmuel Shmueli, we go to Shmueli’s native country Israel.

Shmueli, who by our calculation has sued or was sued about two dozen times, finds it easy to participate in litigation, for win or lose he rarely pays attorneys.

Shmueli formed a weekly Brooklyn Hebrew newspaper – Israel Shelanu (Our Israel) and “lifted” stories from other newspapers, who sued him and shut him down.

And last week we mentioned how Shmueli retained the law offices of Lorenzo and Cohen which became HoganWillig and the law firm of Zdarsky Sawicki and Agostinelli. We do not have space to get into how Shmueli hired more law firms – with the intent of suing my partner, Larry Reger and I. read more