Alderman-at-Large Austin Tylec Issues Public Statement Following Permit Violations

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Buying your first home is usually a positive experience, but if you’re in NT politics, not so much…

During my campaign, I was smeared for not owning a home. Since then, I recently purchased my first home and have now been targeted for mistakenly not pulling a permit to replace my broken heating system and water heater while making renovations myself. To add, I recently paid taxes on this home, and yet I still cannot live in it from a growing snowball of barriers influenced by political nonsense. It’s clear that political motives have pushed a recent news article about me & my home, trying to paint me as an unethical person, and mask the fact that other Council Members are against having a local Ethics Committee; something I believe is needed; even more so now.

It’s already a challenge in today’s housing market to be 26 years old and purchase a home on my own. To Add, my 100-year-old home has been neglected & vacant for 3+ years in need of $30,000 +/- in repairs to keep its character and be occupiable. The house is also located on Center Ave, an older neighborhood off Oliver St. that could use some investment and attention to increase property values; something I also believe is needed.

Every exaggerated statement of the news article could be explained, but really the disappointing part is how politics have taken my first-time homebuying experience and tainted it, when this should be a positive milestone in any young adult’s life & the betterment of a neighborhood. It’s also unfortunate & petty that our Common Council President took it upon himself to influence the story and give subjective opinions without ever approaching me on the matter; only adding barriers to the improvement of a neighborhood within our Oliver St district.

I’d be interested in hearing others’ experiences working through home renovations in North Tonawanda. I truly believe that the city should encourage residents to improve their property and need to make the process clear, safe, and uninfluenced.

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  1. oh BOOHOO. put your big boy pants on & do what every other home owner has to do when they do home renovations–GET THE PERMIT(S) that the city requires. as an alderman, one who advocates that people comply with the law, you should know better. this isn’t political, this is outright “do as i say, not as i do” logic. fyi—a master’s in architecture doesn’t make you above the law. if anything, it should make you more aware of what’s permitted & what isn’t. jsmh

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