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Reporter shows losers and winners of lottery

Some of the many losers whose losses help to pay for the few lottery winners

Most newspapers, in their gleeful lust to shill for the various swindles known as lotteries, will show you pictures of winners of lotteries, thus encouraging the numbskull practice of poor people who part with their dollars, placing their hopes in luck, which has been poor all their lives anyway.

The Niagara Falls Reporter covers both sides of the issue. We publish pictures of winners and losers (left bottom).

Pictured (left top) is Reporter courier Rose Marie with Niagara Falls Ontario’s recent lottery winner Dan Sperandio, who purchased a ticket in Ontario’s $100 million extravaganza.

His ticket turned out to be a one million dollar ticket.

Mr. Sperandio, seen with Miss Marie, is at our noted advertiser Mark De Marco’s Evel Knievel Musuem. Mr. Sperandio owns the Niagara Gateway Motel.



Niagara Falls Reporter www.niagarafallsreporter.com Nov 06 , 2012