Niagara Falls Pothole Killer Kickoff Postponed

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Pothole Killer Announcement Postponed


Niagara Falls, N.Y. – Mayor Paul Dyster along with John Caso, Director of Public Works have announced that due to weather issues there has been a delay in the kick off of the Pothole Killer.  The announcement which was scheduled for April 4, 2018 has been put on a temporary hold.  The City will continue to work on areas which do not require this equipment.

The new date for the announcement will be circulated upon setting.


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  2. Margaret Elaine Staples says:

    Lockport Road is one big pothole from Hyde Park to Military Road. Not to mention Rhode Island Ave. We are surrounded by destructive road conditions and we have been promised new ones from lying politicians for years. Who pays for damage if my car is wrecked by these craters, some 10 inches deep. I suppose a bad accident caused by swerving drivers like myself is what will happen before we become a priority in this decaying city!

  3. The treatment that my elderly mother who has type 1 diabetes and dementia has been nothing short of criminal including having two male staff nurses holding down both arms so that the doctor on duty could take a blood sample and I had to watch and listen to her cry “help me help me without being able to do anything but protest and this is not an isolated case especially in Wales. When will the so called health professionals understand that we are human beings and give the care compassion respect and dignity which must become mandatory. I have many such incidents both to myself and my poor mother and would be more than happy to recount how we have suffered.

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