Can the search for Truth lead to blind Injustice?

August 4, 2017 Staff 1
Examination of a Witch (1853) by T. H. Matteson, a painting said to be inspired by the Salem witch trials.

Just a couple of days old, the tale of the 81 year old pharmacist Robert Kenzia being arrested for allegedly requesting a woman to disrobe before he would fill her prescription, is circulating as any story laced with overtones of sex and drugs likely would.  The United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is also auditing the pharmacy to see if they can find any other signs of wrongdoing.

Shock seems to be the initial reaction, based in part by the age of the accused.  Those who actually know the man also feel confusion, as the accusation is not characteristic of the man they’re familiar with.  While the Niagara Falls Police Department suspect there are other victims, seemingly none have made themselves known prior to the actual arrest. read more

Train Station Still There: Expansive, Expensive and Empty

August 4, 2017 Staff 3
This is the first thing you see upon walking in the front door, “Slavery is the next thing to hell,” and an uplifting message it is.

We periodically do a feature on the Niagara Falls International Railway Station and Intermodal Transportation Center because some folks still think it’s an asset to the city.

Problem is, the old train station served the city perfectly well. There was no need to build a $44 million replacement for that very serviceable facility, through which an average of less than a hundred passengers passed each day.

$44 million is approximately half of the budget of the city of Niagara Falls.

According to their guidelines, all that Amtrak would require for a train station here is a simple shelter. Instead, the city got a palace for which we are on the hook for heating and maintenance in perpetuity. Mayor Dyster’s budget line for the train station for 2017 was $380,486, with an anticipated payment of $173,000 being Amtrak’s share. read more

Widespread outrage over sewer discharges at the Falls

August 4, 2017 Staff 2

Legislature to consider criminal investigations

By Matt Ricchiazzi

The New York Post told readers “don’t go chasing this waterfall,” before describing visitors as “horrified.”

The Washington Post described the plume as “an alarming shade of black.”

Similar shock was expressed in papers from London to Los Angeles.

In response to the widespread outrage and international shock over last weekend’s now infamous discharge into the Niagara River at the base of the Falls, a special meeting is being called by the Niagara County Legislature to consider criminal investigations. read more

Falls, Gorge site tour by USA Niagara a “Fail”

August 4, 2017 James Hufnagel 5

Public Opposition mounting to “Outdoor Recreation” Proposal

The latest skirmish between the David of the citizens of the city of Niagara Falls and the Goliath of state agencies such as State Parks, USA Niagara and the New York Power Authority, when it comes to waterfront development, appears to have been settled in our favor, at least for now.

“I am comfortable calling a VICTORY on this,” posted film industry executive and community activist Ken Cosentino on social media late last week, “…there will be no commercialization down in the gorge, and nothing will be constructed that will interfere with the natural environment. All business endeavors will strive to use pre-existing structures; all enterprises will be geared more towards providing equipment rental (such as fishing poles or snowshoes) to tourists in order for them to best enjoy the gorge in its natural state… USA Niagara will respect the resolution passed by our City Council on Monday, July 24th. So, to reiterate, we the people of Niagara Falls, NY have officially preserved the Niagara gorge.” read more

Outdoor Recreation RFP found lacking

August 4, 2017 James Hufnagel 6

Pushes new Infrastructure at the expense of Local Economy, Natural Beauty

Gov. Cuomo using the Outdoor Recreation RFP                   to promote his “leadership.”

We took a closer look at USA Niagara’s “Outdoor Recreation and Programming & Associated Real Estate Development” RFP that fleshes out Gov. Cuomo’s vision for introducing different tourist activities such as rock climbing, ziplining and horseback riding to the Niagara Gorge and Niagara Falls State Park, and found the document to be fairly typical when it comes to shaping the narrative regarding the state’s management of the tourism industry here, not to mention being rife with inaccuracies, misstatements and embellishments. read more

Council Candidate wants to take back Tourism

August 4, 2017 Staff 0
by Bill Kennedy Advocating to keep money circulating locally and to take some tourism back from Albany, Niagara Falls City Council candidate Bill Kennedy has released the following statement. “We need to start directing traffic into the city so that tourists park outside of Niagara Falls State Park and frequent our downtown establishments, patronize businesses on 3rd Street, and venture into our core neighborhoods. “Revitalizing Pine Avenue is essential. Starting from the Aquarium and all the way up Pine Avenue there should be street signs that advertise locally-owned businesses. “We need new ideas to attract developers to increase business here, to grow out of the situation we are in. “If elected, I will do my best to work with the stakeholders of the park to have a mutually beneficial relationship that will make both sides happy, and to be the voice of the residents of Niagara Falls. “We, the citizens, need to be taken seriously. With a new approach to forming a solid relationship for the future, we will start the foundation for growth. We have to work together one step at a time. We live here. “I helped stop the Lodge on Goat Island and I brought up the idea of preserving the gorge. I did that as a citizen. Imagine what I will try to do if I’m elected.”

Budget Considerations predominate Election Concerns

August 4, 2017 Staff 0

by Sam Archie

Since early June, I have had the pleasure of knocking on many residents’ doors to introduce myself and gather signatures. I’ve been received with overwhelming support. At the same time, I’ve received a number of messages from residents. Two themes have emerged: They’re tired of money being wasted and they are fed up that this wasteful spending is not being questioned. Another popular frustration centered on jobs offered to family and friends. Some even asked why I would put myself out there in light of this mess. My answer is that I am running because I also am tired of the lack of accountability and transparency that is prevalent at city hall. read more


August 4, 2017 Staff 1

In 1964 Erma (Mama) D’Avolio and her husband Vincent opened “DelFredo’s” on Main St in Niagara Falls. After Vincent passed in 1974, their daughter Anna and her husband James Macri moved the restaurant, as Macri’s, to the Niagara Falls Market and began what became a successful, traditional Italian family restaurant. Macri’s became one of several excellent Falls restaurants that “locals” visited regularly, along with John’s Flaming Hearth, Pete’s Market House, the Alps, Crown and Anchor and many more. read more


August 4, 2017 Staff 0

The Right Side

By J Gary DiLaura

Let there be no doubt in ANYBODY’S mind, there is one and only one Chief Executive Officer and ONE Chief Law Enforcement Officer and that is the President of these United States.

He has access to more information than anyone else in the entire nation when it comes to making decisions; to protect, defend, and preserve this country and its citizens, period!

Neal  Katyal, the man who wrote the Special Prosecutor Regulations in 1999 under which Mueller was appointed, says, “The rules provide only so much protection: Congress, Trump and the Justice Department still have the power to stymie (or even terminate) Mueller’s inquiry”. read more

Niagara Falls Jokes

August 4, 2017 Staff 1

A tourist visiting Niagara Falls wandered out of Niagara Falls State Park and immediately got lost. She walked past numerous cheaply-built, taxpayer-subsidized box hotels until she found herself on Main Street in front of City Hall. Marveling at the size and impressive architecture of the structure, she asked a passerby, “How many people work in there?” The local resident replied, “Oh, about one in ten.”


As part of an early April Fools joke, Seth Piccirillo waited outside Mayor Dyster’s office and yelled, “Hey, Mayor!” and when Dyster walked over to his office door, looked outside and called out, “May I help you?” his assistant Piccirillo doused him with a bucket of cold water. read more