Cuomo’s efforts at upstate development yield few results despite costing billions

July 20, 2017 Mike Hudson 59

Four new studies reveal that the $8 billion spent annually by the Cuomo administration on economic development – particularly upstate – has done relatively little to develop much in the way of attracting new industry, creating jobs or spurring economic growth.

The studies, conducted by Pew Charitable Trusts, the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, ProPublica and, most recently, Gannett’s USA Today Network, are all in agreement. The governor’s programs provide New Yorkers with very little for their money. read more

Taxpayer ripoff at the Hotel Niagara: “Buy high, sell low” new Cuomo motto

July 20, 2017 Mike Hudson 56

“Buy low, sell high.”

In the world of private investment, this time honored maxim – more than a century old and still used by brilliant business minds such as that of Warren Buffet – has been as good as gold.

But the brilliant business minds currently controlling both New York State and Niagara Falls, Mayor Paul Dyster and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, seem to think Mr. Buffet and generations of business people before him have it backwards.

“Buy high and sell low,” they say. “And the future prosperity of the city will be assured.” read more

LEWD BILLBOARD! Billboard brouhaha breaks out in downtown North Tonawanda

July 20, 2017 Mike Hudson 75

sex billbaord

Two North Tonawanda officials have asked one of the nation’s largest outdoor advertising companies to take down what they call a lewd billboard after residents expressed shock at the ad’s adult content.

The billboard – located on a prominent corner of North Tonawanda’s Webster Street in the city’s revitalized, family-friendly downtown, advertises a Cheektowaga business and features a scantily clad model peddling “adult novelties.”

Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based Lamar Advertising owns the billboard. read more

Let’s Get it Moving (We’re Talking Traffic Here)

July 20, 2017 Staff 23


By Councilman Kenny Tompkins

We have a traffic problem here in Niagara Falls near the Niagara Reservation Park. Guess what? This is a good thing. It means people are hearing about Niagara Falls. At the same time, we all know how frustrating it is to sit for hours in standstill traffic, like some visitors experienced on July 4 as they headed into our downtown from the I-190.

Gridlock does not leave a positive image of our city on people who have traveled sometimes hundreds of miles to enjoy the natural beauty of our cataracts. It hurts our chances of getting them to return in the future. Anyone in tourism can tell you repeat business and excellent word-of-mouth drive visitor numbers up faster than any ad can do. read more

The Buffalo Niagara Film Festival Returns

July 20, 2017 Staff 42

Buffalo Niagara Film Festival

The Buffalo Niagara Film Festival has grown from its modest beginnings on the University at Buffalo campus in 2007.  Since then, it has become the region’s premier gathering of professionals and dreamers who aspire to bask in the glow of the silver screen.

Bill Cowell, the founder of the BNFF, points to this year’s new venue as proof of the growth and popularity of the Festival.  This year, the Four Seasons Cinema at 2429 Military Road in the City of Niagara Falls will play host to the event, starting on Wednesday, September 20.  The Four Seasons has six screens and all of them will be in use during the Festival. read more

DeVeaux Woods Carriage Barn previously doomed; now Centerpiece of state Outdoor Recreation proposal

July 20, 2017 James Hufnagel 105

“There may have been a time when preservation was about saving an old building here or there, but those days are gone. Preservation is in the business of saving communities and the values they embody.” – National Trust for Historic Preservation

An emailed response by Western Region director and Assistant Deputy State Parks Commissioner Mark Thomas obtained by the Reporter would seem to indicate that, just like six years ago, the demolition of the DeVeaux Woods Carriage Barn has been put on temporary hold. What action the state agency intends to take in the immediate future to secure the historic building, which had its temporary tarpaulin roof blown off by a March windstorm, exposing the interior to the elements, is unclear. read more

GEORGE MAZIARZ – A man of Honesty and Integrity

July 20, 2017 Staff 49


The Right Side

By J Gary DiLaura

I first met George Maziarz in 1985. He was a Niagara County politician with a good reputation for honesty and a sincere concern for the people of Niagara County. In 1985 the Power Authority and NOT Mother Nature, jammed the entire East Niagara River during the biggest “ice run” in history. The Lake went to the highest elevation EVER and PASNY caused the biggest ice jam in the known history of the Upper Niagara River. They stopped ALL water from flowing down the entire east river, and put the river in flood stage for 30 days and then denied any responsibility for anything! read more


July 20, 2017 Staff 47


The Right Side

By J Gary DiLaura


In all my years in law enforcement I never charged anyone for Conspiring to Collude or for Colluding to Conspire?! That’s because colluding and conspiring are NOT crimes!

In a May 23, 2017 FOX News article by Gregg Jarrett, Jarrett stated, “Robert Mueller is tasked with finding a crime that does not exist in the law. It is a legal impossibility.”

Jarrett went on to say, “As special counsel, Mueller can engage in all manner of spectacular jurisprudential gymnastics. However, it will not change the fact that colluding with Russia is not, under America’s criminal codes, a crime. It’s just not there.” read more

Seneca gas prices competitive with white owned stations here

July 20, 2017 Mike Hudson 50

Seneca One Stop

While area gas station owners and politicians voiced concerns that the Seneca Nation of Indians would undercut gas prices at the recently opened gas station near the Seneca Niagara Casino, so far it hasn’t happened.

Stations owned by Native Americans and located on reservations don’t have to pay taxes, which can allow them to sell gasoline at substantially cheaper prices than white owned stations.

When they were granted 50 acres of prime downtown real estate and the city’s former convention center in which to open a casino in 2002, Seneca leaders said they had no plans to open a gas station / smoke shop on the property. read more

The Seneca Nation Gambled on the Future, and Won

July 20, 2017 Staff 62

roulette wheel

In 2002, at a time when New York State and its local communities were facing financial uncertainty, the many powers that be looked for relief wherever they could find it.  The one form that seemed feasible was entering into a compact with the Seneca Nation of Indians to allow Class III Gaming (a stylish term for casino gambling) in New York State. With the blessing of the federal government, this agreement would produce gaming proceeds that would be shared with the State, and then shared with the local communities that hosted such gaming facilities (Niagara Falls, Buffalo and Salamanca). read more

Grandinetti’s Buffalo fundraiser an insult to local city businesses

July 20, 2017 Mike Hudson 41
Kristen Grandinetti
                       Kristen Grandinetti

Why does Kristen Grandinetti even bother to live in Niagara Falls?

The cat hating, Facebook addicted, formerly Catholic city councilwoman – whose bed and breakfast operation on Memorial Parkway was found to be in violation of city codes – held a major fundraiser last week, but it wasn’t in Niagara Falls.

Instead of supporting a local business, she instead chose to host the July 13 event at Buffalo’s Coco Bar and Bistro, located at888 Main St. in the fashionable Allentown district, where you can get a $14 hamburger or a Caesar salad that costs the same. read more