Trump wants to end Amtrak service To Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Dyster silent

July 6, 2017 Mike Hudson 4

By Mike Hudson

If President Donald Trump gets his way, long distance Amtrak passenger train service to Buffalo and Niagara Falls will be eliminated altogether, leaving just a commuter route linking the two struggling cities.

And with both the House and the Senate controlled by Republicans – who have long attacked the money losing, taxpayer subsidized train service, it looks like he’s going to get his way.

Niagara  Falls Mayor Paul Dyster, who recently spent $40 million of your tax dollars to build a new Amtrak station here, will look even dumber than he looks already. He built the white elephant after former President Barak Obama made some vague remark about supporting high speed rail, a proposal immediately shot down by the Congress and that remains what is was – a pie in the sky proposal worthy of Rube Goldberg that will never see the light of day. read more