Niagara County Department of Health Offers Diabetes Prevention Workshops

March 2, 2017 Staff 0


The Niagara County Department of Health Nursing Division is offering a Diabetes Prevention Program starting Friday, March 24 at the John Duke Senior Center, 1201 Hyde Park Blvd, Niagara Falls, 9:30-10:30 a.m.

Classes are scheduled in 16 consecutive weekly sessions, then once a month for 6-8 months. Program participants will learn skills they need to make changes in health behaviors such as losing weight, being more physically active and managing stress.

People with pre-diabetes (those with a higher than normal fasting blood glucose (sugar) of 100-125 mg/dl) are 5 – 15 times more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than those with normal blood glucose levels. Many people with pre-diabetes will develop Type 2 diabetes within three years if they do not take steps to prevent it.  This program offers a proven approach to preventing or delaying the onset of Type 2 diabetes through modest lifestyle changes. read more

Roscetti For City Court Judge Event Draws Crowd

March 2, 2017 Staff 1
Kassie Klejdys, Alan Roscetti and Timothy Sootheran... at event for CIty Court Judge candidate Alan Roscetti
Kassie Klejdys, Alan Roscetti and Timothy Sootheran… at event for CIty Court Judge candidate Alan Roscetti

A meet-and-greet event for Niagara Falls City Court candidate Alan Roscetti was held last Monday at the Buffalo Wing Joint and P. U. B. on Niagara Falls Blvd.

A turnout of Niagara Falls residents shows that Roscetti has a strong following in this city.

Among the prominent political figures in attendance were Niagara Falls City Republican Chairman Bill Carroll, Lewiston GOP Chairman Jerry Wolfgang and Republican city council candidate Sam Archie.

Providing plenty of entertainment was young Alex Roscetti, the candidate’s toddler son, who gave it his all for his father and had plenty of fun in the process. read more


March 2, 2017 Staff 35


Did the Niagara Falls Water Board meet illegally to carry out their reorganization of the body? And are Water Board customers about to get hit with an expensive new labor contract?

Last Thursday’s Dyster Administration-engineered coup on the Niagara Falls Water Board has left members of the board’s former majority crying foul, and pointing to violations of state open government laws that have left the actions of the new politically-tinged majority shrouded in secrecy.

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Niagara Falls Jokes

March 2, 2017 Staff 19

Delaware North owner and billionaire Jeremy Jacobs was visiting his restaurants and food stands in Niagara Falls State Park when he decided to go for a drive through the city of Niagara Falls. He drove past a vacant lot where there was a small group of children who were eating the grass in the lot because they were so hungry.

Jacobs had his limo driver pull to the curb and he rolled down his window and asked a woman, who was watching over the children, “Why are they eating grass?” She told him that many people in the city of Niagara Falls were poor because all the tourists who come here every year eat in the state park instead of restaurants and diners in the city. read more

How Long Does It Take to Get Out of Shape?

March 2, 2017 Frank Parlato 10

By Randy Palladino

Colder temperatures and fewer daylight hours make it more difficult to stay active and motivated. But how long does it take to actually get out of shape? It varies from person to person, but most experts agree that it’s pretty simple: you either use it or you lose it.


After a few days

No change. A day off gives your body time to recover and grow stronger, so don’t worry about missing a day here or there. In addition to preventing overtraining, which can lead to injuries, rest days can also bring a much-needed mental break. read more

Snowpack levels in the Sierra Nevada at 185% of average

March 2, 2017 Staff 14
Snow covers the Sierra Nevada mountains and the shoreline of Lake Tahoe on Monday, Jan. 30, 2017, near Memorial Point, Nevada.  (Aric Crabb/Bay Area News Group)
Snow covers the Sierra Nevada mountains and the shoreline of Lake Tahoe on Monday, Jan. 30, 2017.

Measurements taken in the Sierra Nevada show the range’s snowpack at historically high levels. The average snowpack across the range was at 185% for March 1, the Department of Water Resources said. The Sierra Nevada provides about a third of California’s water when it melts in the spring and summer. It’s the biggest snowpack in 22 years and another sign that doomsday has not arrived for California, at least.

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Flach to Challenge Virtuoso

March 2, 2017 Tony Farina 16
Jeff Flach (left) with Niagara Hub's "Soapbox" host Craig Avery.
Jeff Flach (left) with Niagara Hub’s “Soapbox” host Craig Avery.

A decorated Iraq war veteran and the owner of the Gorge View Hostel has announced his candidacy for the 6th District Niagara County Legislative seat now held by Democrat Dennis Virtuoso.

Jeffery Flach, who has the full support of Niagara Falls City Republican Chairman Bill Carroll, returned to Niagara Falls in 2014 after leaving active military service as an army major.

Flach, 46, said in the announcement of his candidacy that “transparency lets both residents and decision-makers clearly see how resources are being allocated as well as the direct result of those allocations.  By prioritizing transparency, we remove the distractions of ignorant debates and replace them with informed discussions on how to realistically solve problems based on available resources.” read more