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The Prosecution of Rus Thompson for voter fraud is unprecedented in New York history

February 10, 2017 Reporter 3
By Frank Parlato;

Rus Thompson is about to stand trial in New York State Supreme Court, before Hon, Justice Russell Buscaglia, on felony charges of voter fraud.

For the record, this is the first time the Erie County District Attorney’s Office has been known to criminally charge a citizen for felony voter fraud.

In fact, in the history of New York jurisprudence there is no known precedent for a prosecution of this kind.

True, John O’Hara, a Brooklyn attorney and political candidate, was charged criminally for registering to vote from a place that did not qualify as his residence under Election Law. While O’Hara was convicted, a judge overturned the conviction on Jan. 12, 2017. read more


Will Cuomo give Delaware North a ‘New Yosemite’ in Niagara Falls?

February 10, 2017 Reporter 0

By Frank Parlato;

It’s no secret that Gov. Andrew Cuomo takes care of his friends, and Jeremy Jacobs, of Delaware North has certainly been a friend to Cuomo.

Two friends, Gov. Cuomo and Jeremy Jacobs

From funneling millions through the Committee to Save New York to promote Cuomo to donating so much to his campaign that it exceeded contribution limits to hiring Cuomo’s Lieutenant Governor’s husband for $450,000 for what some have called a “pillow talk” job, Jacobs has been there for the governor.

And Gov. Cuomo is cognizant of the fact that Delaware North lost their crown jewel of park contracts, the $146 million annual Yosemite National Park hotel and concession contract, and, if Jacobs is anything like your average billionaire, he was brokenhearted over that. read more


Hotel Niagara will go to Delaware North

February 10, 2017 Reporter 1

NU, NCC, a Craft Beer Brewery, a free parking ramp, student dorms reportedly part of plans

By Frank Parlato

Sometime soon Gov. Andrew Cuomo will arrive in Niagara Falls to announce the Hotel Niagara will be developed and operated by Delaware North.

He won’t say he is gifting the hotel to them of course, he will say the state is “partnering”.

The historic Hotel Niagara will be quite literally given to Delaware North, as you, the taxpayers pay…

But gifting is what he means.

New York taxpayers, through Empire State Development, bought the historic Hotel Niagara from developer Harry Stinson paying him several million more than what he paid. The published price of purchase or sale is irrelevant since there are paper expenses on Stinson’s side, while taxpayers paid in hard cash. read more


The Right Side: Mr. President… JUST DO IT!

February 10, 2017 Reporter 0

By J Gary DiLaura [FBI Special Agent; Retired];

The President of the United States has the absolute power to protect the American Citizens! He is cognizant of information that no one else has. This information comes to him from numerous Intelligence sources and confidential sources.

Because of the President’s responsibilities, he must have the ability to react without appearing before an activist judge and explaining his reasoning for decisions that directly impact the lives of Americans. Congress, recognizing the necessity for the president to be able to react quickly, passed many laws giving him the authority to make a quick decision from “pushing the button” to blocking immigrants from entering our country who would harm US Citizens. Congress provided several avenues to accomplish his tasks from Proclamations to Executive Orders and several other methods. read more

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Key figure in Pigeon Case Leaves Town

February 10, 2017 Reporter 0

By Frank Parlato;

A lawyer who the New York State Attorney General alleges was extorted by Steven Pigeon has left Buffalo. Edward A. Betz, 30, joined the Carlisle Law Firm, P.C. in Ogdensburg, NY.

Ogdensburg, pop. 11,000, is in Saint Lawrence County, about 300 miles from Buffalo and 30 miles from Betz’s hometown of Potsdam, pop. 9,700.

betz ed
Edward Allen Betz

Betz made headlines last year after Pigeon was indicted in New York State Attorney General’s Office prosecution on eight counts of bribery involving a judge and one count of grand larceny by extortion when it became known that the extortion charge related to a $5,000 payment, the state alleges, Pigeon extorted from Betz. read more