Bhavesh H. Kamdar

Bruce unsuccessfully prosecutes Kamdar; but successfully ruins his life

February 4, 2017 Reporter 1

By Frank Parlato;


Last week we began the story of Bhavesh H. Kamdar, a civil engineer from western India.
This week we continue the story.                                                                                             Kamdar came to America in 1988, at age 22, settled in western New York, met his wife, Panna, and, in 1996, they had a son. He mistakenly thought he would pursue the American Dream.
After working for other companies for a time, he started Industrial Site Services, Inc. (ISS), and, in Dec. 1997, his company won its first (and last) state contract, to remove and remediate underground petroleum tanks on New York State property in western New York. Thus began Kamdar’s American Nightmare.
New York State was under a mandate to clean up old petroleum pumps and Kamdar’s bid was nearly a million dollars lower than the next lowest bidder. It should have worked out well.
But, a simple line item on his $4.9 million bid would lead Kamdar to disaster. It was a $500,000 “guarantee fee” – the cost, he claimed, for getting a bond to insure New York State against loss in the event ISS defaulted on the contract.
This “guarantee fee” and especially Kamdar’s subsequent use of the word ‘collateral’, was the genesis of his nine years of legal sorrow. read more

The former Niagara Falls International Convention Center was given to the Seneca Nation for $1 dollar. Will the city ever have another convention center?

Zona Spearheading Bipartisan Effort for Convention Center Study

February 4, 2017 Reporter 0

By Tony Farina;

Could it be the start of a new era of bipartisanship, a new and exciting chapter in the city of Niagara Falls, a heavily Democratic urban core in a county where Republicans control the legislature 11 to 4?

Well, nobody should jump to conclusions too quickly because Niagara Falls has a history of letting political differences undermine progress. But there is a major project on the horizon that is slowly coming into focus and it has a distinctly bipartisan flavor, at least at this point, and that’s certainly worth noting. read more

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch

Judicial Watch: It’s Naive To Think Illegal Aliens Aren’t Voting

February 4, 2017 Reporter 0

By Tom Fitton;                                                                                                                       President Judicial Watch

For many years we have fought to restore integrity to elections in the United States, fighting both the Obama Justice Department and its leftist allies, such as the well-funded ACLU. You can sample our efforts here.  Finally the issue of election integrity has new national prominence thanks to President Donald Trump’s call for an investigation into illegal voting. read more


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