Dux: A botched attempt to kill Trump adviser Roger Stone, or send him a warning? But who’s behind it?

February 27, 2017 Staff 39

By Frank W. Dux;

(A former covert operative and world renowned martial arts black belt, Frank Dux wrote, The Secret Man [1996. Published by Harper Collins} In his book, Dux revealed some shocking details of the secret operations he carried out for the U.S. government. A slice of Dux’s life is told in the world famous martial arts movie, Bloodsport, starring Jean Claude Van Damme as Frank Dux,)

Frank Dux’s 1996 expose of the world of covert operatives. Click here to buy The Secret Man: An American Warrior’s Uncensored Story

Just days before the inauguration of Donald Trump, one of his key advisers, Roger Stone, 64, told the media that an attempt at poisoning him likely occurred. read more

What’s ahead for Big Al Cutaia, convicted child molester of little girl?

February 27, 2017 Reporter 22

Alfonso ‘Big Al’ Cutaia had a sudden change of lifestyle after he was arrested for sexually molesting a 10 year old girl about a year ago. He was biker. His moniker was ‘Thunder. Everyone called him ‘Big Al.”

Earlier this month, Judge Matt Murphy sentenced him to 25 years to life in prison after a jury of six men and six women found him guilty of abusing the little girl for three years, from the time she was seven,

Ahead of Big Al is a steel, razor wire, and a concrete house. read more

Print Edition – Feb 23, 2017

February 23, 2017 Staff 36

Bruce writes letters, claims I demonized him, and is sent email inviting his response

February 23, 2017 Staff 61
One of several letters Anthony Bruce wrote, unsolicited, to me.
One of several letters Anthony Bruce wrote, unsolicited, to me.

For the growing number of readers who eagerly await the next in the series on former Assistant US Attorney Anthony M. Bruce, there is some news.

Mr. Bruce has sent me a series of letters giving snippets of his view of his side of the stories – and there are many – about people, I suspect, he falsely tried to prosecute.

Mr. Bruce sent seven letters, some of them handwritten, some typed. All were mailed to my post office box.

I hope to publish them and address the issues he raises in an article very soon. read more

Miss Buffalo scholarship Competition to be held March 5

February 23, 2017 Staff 24

Buffalo, NY – For the third year in a row, Russell Salvatore is proud to present The Miss Buffalo Scholarship Competition to be held Sunday March 5, 2017, 4 pm at the historic Riveria Theater located at 67 Webster St., Tonawanda, NY with 12 girls competing for the title of Miss Buffalo which is a preliminary for the prestigious Miss America title.  Over $7500.00 in educational scholarships will be awarded this year with the winner taking home the $3,000.00 first prize and the title of Miss Buffalo 2017. read more

Limo-Taxi Association Says ‘Uber, Lyft Want Unfair Playing Field’ Upstate

February 23, 2017 Frank Parlato 45

By Tony Farina

“The ride-hailing companies (Uber, Lyft) can operate right now upstate if they want to,” says Kevin Barwell, president of the Limousine, Bus, Taxi Operators of Upstate New York, “if they choose to comply with the law, as they do in New York City.”

“But the fact is, they don’t want to comply, they don’t want to follow the for-hire laws which means–among other things– paying special insurance to cover drivers and passengers that can cost millions and following the other regulations that cover transportation services, as we do,” says Barwell, vice president and director of sales at Giorgio’s Limousine Service in Lancaster. read more

Verel Begins Second Term as President of Judges and Police Conference

February 23, 2017 Tony Farina 36
 A. J. Verel Sheriff Tim Howard ...sheriff will swear in Verel at Judges and Police event
A. J. Verel Sheriff Tim Howard
…sheriff will swear in Verel at Judges and Police event

Martial Arts Hall of Fame member A. J. Verel will be sworn in for his second term as president of the Judges and Police Conference of Erie County this week (Thursday, Feb. 23) at Doc Sullivans, 474 Abbott Rd., South Buffalo.

Officers and club members will be sworn in by Sheriff Tim Howard, a past president of the organization, during the program that begins at 5 p. m. with a $20 admissin cost.

In addition to Verel, other officers who will be sworn in are Norman Mattar, 1st VP; Thomas Gambino, 2nd VP; Madeline Harvey, secretary; Ernesto Leonetti, treasurer; and Patrick Castiglia, sergeant at arms. read more

Niagara Falls Jokes

February 23, 2017 Reporter 26

Mayor Dyster was hosting a diversity training session when he heard one of the Hispanic attendees use the word “manana”. Dyster asked him to explain what “manana” meant.

He was told that the term means “Maybe the job will be done tomorrow, maybe the next day, maybe the day after that. Perhaps next week, next month, next year. Who cares?”

Somebody then asked the Mayor if he knew if there was an English equivalent word for “manana”, to which he replied, “No, I don’t think so. In Niagara Falls we don’t have a word to describe that degree of urgency.” read more

Niagara County’s ‘Big Al’ Cutaia gets 25 to life for sex assault of child

February 23, 2017 Reporter 22

By Frank Parlato;

It will be a long time, maybe never, before Alfonso ‘Big Al’ Cutaia rides again.

Formerly of North Tonawanda, Lockport, Pendleton, Wheatfield, Wilson, and, recently Niagara County jail, Big Al, 41, was sentenced to 25 years to life for sexually abusing a child.

There was a spate of pictures posted on Facebook now deleted – of Cutaia, in his leather vest, back patch, pins and his “Thunder” moniker patch, sometimes with children seated behind him on his bike at big bikers’ events. He rode his bike as if he owned the road and it would never end. read more


February 23, 2017 Staff 35

I believe that the President is rushing to prove to us that he is a man of his word by being true to his campaign promises and honoring all of them! President Trump has nothing to prove…we know he will do everything he can to honor the promises! As far as the rest are concerned…you can lead a “donkey” to water but you can’t make him drink!

Of greater importance right now is the task of “getting his house” in order. He absolutely MUST rid his “House” of EVERY SINGLE Obama Presidential appointment, before he does anything else! Every single one is a “submarine” and will undermine and torpedo his administration for 8 years if he doesn’t clean house now! read more

Oddsmakers Taking Wagers: Goat Island Lodge a Done Deal for Delaware North

February 23, 2017 Reporter 47
goat island aerial
Goat Island is on its way to be developed like it never has before. The lodge is only the beginning. Delaware North has many plans for Goat Island and indeed the entire state lands in Niagara Falls.


The Reporter strongly suspects Goat Island is the preferred choice for the lodge and a developer/operator has already been selected by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.


That operator is Delaware North headed up by Gov. Cuomo’s magnificent campaign donor, Jeremy Jacobs.

It may be coincidence but Gov. Cuomo’s Lt. Gov. is Kathy Hochul and Jacobs’ General Counsel is William Hochul. They are husband and wife.

Shortly after Mr. Hochul was hired, a lodge on Goat Island became the front burner issue for Cuomo’s plans for the Niagara Falls State Park. read more

Grandinetti Slightly Wrong;  Goat Island Lodge Still in PLay

February 23, 2017 Reporter 0

By Tony Farina;

It appears that Niagara Falls Councilmember Kristen Grandinetti may have spoken too soon at Tuesday’s council meeting when she told opponents of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan for a “world class lodge” on Goat Island that the governor had backed off the proposal he unveiled last month at one of his State of the State speeches in Amherst.

Councilmember Kristen Grandinetti got a text from the governor’s assistant saying other sites are under consideration for Cuomo’s Lodge. Grandinetti said the text showed the gov. was listening to her. 

Opponents of the Goat Island lodge plan applauded after Grandinetti said she had received a text message from a Cuomo aide that more locations and proposals will be offered, adding “this tells us they were listening to us,” a reference to the strong opposition the controversial proposal had generated from residents and elected officials across the region. read more